4 Applications to Create your Own Media Server in home

If you have quite good internet connection in home, you can create your own media server easily! By having your own media server, you can enjoy movie, video, song, or other file media through various device you have.

For example, you want to enjoy movie stored in computer in your room via computer in family room. Or probably you want to listen songs in your computer via smartphone or tablet. You don’t have to bother yourself copying the file first. You just have to create your own media server, then you can access all of your media file via various devices you have.

4 Applications to Create your Own Media Server in home

Creating your own media server is not difficult if you use media server application. Here is four media server application you can use to create your own media server in home:


1. Plex

4 Applications to Create your Own Media Server in home

Plex is the most popular media center and media server application. By using Plex, you can access various media file such as music, video, and photo from one device to another. Plex application for desktop can be obtained for free and available for Windows, Mac, or Linux.

Unfortunately, its mobile application (Android, iOS, and Windows Phone) is not shared for free and it is sold $4.99. one of the advantage from Plex is, transcoding feature in real-time. By this feature, you don’t have to bother wether your device is able to play the media file or no. All media file would be transcoded in real time so you can enjoy it in every devices you have. The other advantage is MyPlex feature you can use to connect media file in home so that you can access it outside home. You can watch movie in your home computer via your friend’s house, tablet, etc.

Get Plex here:


2. Serviio

4 Applications to Create your Own Media Server in home

Serviio consisted of two versions, they are free and Pro (paid). First time installing this application, you’ll be presented all Pro features for 15 days. After the trial phases passed, Serviio will automatically change into standard version.
You can use Serviio to do media file streaming (video, music, photo) so it can be accessed via various devices in your home. You wouldn’t only play streaming local content, but also streaming online content.

Serviio supports Windows, Mac and Linux. Serviio application for mobile can be obtained for free too, although the application is made by third party and not by Serviio party themselves.

Get Serviio here:


3. Subsonic

4 Applications to Create your Own Media Server in home

Subsonic is an open source media server application which used often as music server. However, Subsonic also supports video as long as the video can be streamed via http protocol. After you install and set it, all music can be played from any devices in your home. What you need would be only browser to access interface of Subsonic.

Subsonic supports almost all audio and video files which can be streamed via http. Various media player with network-enable feature like Winamp, VLC, iTunes, Windows Media Player, etc can also be used to play file via subsonic media server. Not like Plex, Subsonic application for Android can be obtained for free. Subsonic with standard feature can be used for free 100%. But to enjoy various premium features, you would be asked to donate about 20 Euro for Subsonic project development.

You can get Subsonic here:


4. PlayOn

4 Applications to Create your Own Media Server in home

PlayOn is a media server application specifically designed for Windows, which is able to do streaming file for local media or online. PlayON consisted of two versions, they are Lite (free) version and Premium (paid) version. For lite version, you can enjoy home media server feature plus access to Pandora and YouTube. For Premium version, you will get more additional access to more than 60 popular streaming channels like CNN, CBS, Netflix, Hulu, Comedy Central, Discovery Channel, Cartoon Network, etc.

In order to use Home Media server feature, you just have to use PlayOnLite which you can get for free.

Get PlayOn here:


Those are four media server software selected by SOT which you can use to create your own media server in home easily. Do you have other favorite media server application? If there’s one, you can share it in SOT’s comment column here. Who knows, there would be other cool media server software which SOT missed.

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