4 Apps to design your House Garden Easily

Having garden in our house is quite fun, moreover if we have gardening hobby. By planting flowers, fruits, vegetables, or other plants in home, our home will be more fresher and beautiful. However, if the garden is not neatly arranged, the house would be seen mess and less attractive. That’s why, it would be better for you to design first your garden to be looked neat, beautiful, and attractive by using four webs and applications discussed by SOT recently, which are GrowVeg, Smart Gardener, Garden Planner and Garden Puzzle Web Tool.



Apps to design your House Garden Easily

GrowVeg is a web service you can use to design your vegetables garden. In addition of website form, this GrowVeg also available in application version for iPad. Some features you can use by this GrowVeg, are:

  • Some method to plant vegetables in square shape.
  • Plant calendar suited with your living area region.
  • Plant catalogue with information related with the vegetables.
  • Reminder via your email to plant or harvest vegetables.
  • Handy Crop system which is functioned to avoid disease attacked plants.

Do you want to know its work in more detail? Just watch this video:

Interested in using it? Download and visit web from GrowVeg via this link:



Smart Gardener

Apps to design your House Garden Easily

Just like the application SOT has previously discussed, Smart Gardener also a web application you can use to design gardens as you expected. How to use it is not difficult either. First of all, open the application, then create basic layout from garden in your house, then select the type of plant you want to plant in the garden.

Apps to design your House Garden Easily

Then the next step is, creating your smart plan to arrange plants you’ve chosen into layout you’ve made and how the growth condition. Then the plan you made can be seen in To Dos. It is finished then! So, if you want to create gardening plan smart and correct, use Smart Gardener. Open the website via this link:



Garden Planner

Apps to design your House Garden Easily

Garden Planner is an application to design garden in a simple way. You can download its application or just trying it online. But if you design it online, then you cannot save the design, what you can do is only screenshot the design image. Interested in trying it?

Open the site via this link:


If you decided to download its application, then you’ll be asked to install Adobe Air first if you don’t have it, then you can directly design the garden as you wish, but unfortunately, if you download the free version, you won’t get free feature. To get complete feature with 3D image preview, you should pay about $30 to get it.


Garden Puzzle Web Tool

Apps to design your House Garden Easily

Garden Puzzle Web Tool is a web planner you can use to design garden by putting 3D object in its background. There are many choices for plants, plants, flower, and bushes you can select. But if you don’t like the plant picture existed, then you can upload photo of your own plant into its application. Do you want to use it?

Download first its apps via this link:


Apps to design your House Garden Easily

Just like Garden Planner, in order to use Garden Puzzle Web Tool, you should have Adobe Air installed in your computer.


So, how about that? Are those 4 websites and applications able to help you manage and neat your garden which is less neat and attractive? If the answer is yes, then download and use applications and web SOT discussed above as you needed.

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