4 Best Software to store your Password Securely

You have so many password related with your work such as entering Facebook account, twitter, bank, paypal, and also other sites which used password to login? If you have difficulty in memorizing passwords you’ve made, I suggest you to use password manager software. Here are four password manager list you can use for free:


1. LastPass


LastPass is one manager software you can use. LastPass also supports Firefox, IE, and also Google Chrome browsers. By using add-on or extension to connect browser with LastPass, you don’t have to type password in site forms you once entered password. Just once insert password, then you won’t need to insert password in site you visited most. But unfortunately, there’s still a cons of this software. The weakness is, because this LastPass software is connected with internet, the security is less reliable.

Download LastPass:



2. RoboForm


RoboForm is also one password manager software which is integrated with Firefox, IE, and Google Chrome browsers. RoboForm can also works in OS Mac, Windows, and Linux. The features gave by this software are not far different with LastPass, just by one click you can fill in login form. RoboForm is also equipped with master password to help security from RoboForm itself. RoboForm also includes the identity form to be filled, which could help you in filling identity dorm-form in one click. But unfortunately, because this software is free, we can only store 10 passwords only.

Download RoboForm:



3. Keepass


This software is an open source software which is able to integrate with IE browser. So, Keepass would be able to fill forms automatically. Keepass will also keep your password to be secured by encrypting passwords you had in its database. Besides, you can also copy and paste or drag and drop the password stored in Keepass manually. This software’s weakness is, it’s only connected to IE browser.

Download Keepass:



4. Password Safe


Password Safe is also a software made in open source. Password Safe is equipped with master password, so you can use Password Safe if you have insert master password first. The weakness of Password Safe is, it cannot be connected with browser, so we should copy manually passwords we stored.

Download Password Safe:



By those software help, you don’t have to re-type each time you want to login to the sites you visited most.

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