4 Browser Plugins to Improve Gmail Performance

Have you ever thought if gmail is not only functioned to send or receive email? Actually if you want to know and you want to combine gmail with some browser plugins, you can get more benefits and advantages, like plugin to create note, filter tool, etc. but unfortunately, not many people know about it. By using these browser plugins, you can make your gmail account more useful!



Sticky.io is a brilliant plugin you can use to create a note via google chat which will be sent to Sticky.io directly. How to send it is not easy though, first of all, you have to open Sticky.io via this link:


Then sign in using Google+ account you have. To add note to Sticky.io, it’s quite easy, you just have to open google+ and open chat column.

Browser Plugins to Improve Gmail Performance

Then select notes@sticky.io and type what note you want to remember, then the note will be directly displayed in Sticky.io.

Browser Plugins to Improve Gmail Performance

You can also do some process in Sticky.io, like accessing, filtering, finding, and signing all note and many more. So, by using this Sticky.io, you can read email while viewing note you have to work on without leaving Gmail.



Taskforce is a chrome extension you can use to create task in Gmail. So you can change Gmail message into task without downloading additional application to create task manually.

Browser Plugins to Improve Gmail Performance

First of all, open this link to download its extensions:


After it is installed in chrome, you will see a new button written “Convert to New Task” above all message.

Browser Plugins to Improve Gmail Performance

You’ll just have to click on the button to change the message into task and it will be noted into taskforce. And the message will be appeared directly in Taskforce’s interface on the upper-right side of Gmail.

Browser Plugins to Improve Gmail Performance

Not only message which can be changed into task, you can also create your own task as you wanted. You can also signed, explore, add, delete, and share tasks using this Taskforce.


Inbox Pause

Inbox Pause is a simple browser plugin which will add “Pause” button in your gmail inbox.

Browser Plugins to Improve Gmail Performance

So, when you click on the button, your inbox will temporarily stopped and all your email will be diverted to special label. You can also configure auto-responder if you need it. Then when you click on unpause button, then all of your email will be returned into its place. To add Inbox Pause into your gmail account, download it into this link:




Do you want to find previous email, but there are too many emails in your inbox. Then do you have to stare at them one by one to search email you needed in inbox? Forget that way, and try to use this chrome extension named CloudMagic.

Browser Plugins to Improve Gmail Performance

This CloudMagic is a filter tool which can be used to search things you needed such as email, contact, file, post or event.

Browser Plugins to Improve Gmail Performance

Then this CloudMagic is not only used to filter a gmail account, you can also use this filter for another account, just like Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox and many more. Download the extension in this link:



How about that? Useful and easy to be used, aren’t they? So, combine your gmail account with some browser plugins above to improve the performance of your own gmail account.

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