5 Applications to Resize Many Images at Once

If you involved much in blogging, website, or sharing picture via social networks and forum, so you surely know the importance of resizer application. Why could such application became so important? Because by using this image resizer software, you can display image in exact size in blog, website, or social networks. Besides benefited because of uploading faster, people who view your post also received the advantage because bigger image will be so heavy when you load it. Even it will make people avoid to access it since it will spendthrift your internet quota data.

5 Applications to Resize Many Images at Once

This time, SOT will share you 5 applications to resize image. Those five applications have batch processing features, which is ability to do some functions in the same time. Those functions commonly are watermark, crop, rotate, and many more.

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1. jstrip

5 Applications to Resize Many Images at Once

jstrip is an application which is able to shrink or resize image size just by one click. One of this jstrip pros is, able to do rename and compress the image size.

You can get jstrip in:


2. BD-Sizer

5 Applications to Resize Many Images at Once

BD-Sizer is an application designed to help you changing your image file size. This program interface is quite clean and intuitive. The image can be put into the list by using browser or “drag and drop” system. This application is also make you possible to do batch processing. If you’re not familiar with this batch processing term, this is a term where you can do the same process repeatedly in fast way. In this resizer program, it means you can also include action like crop, add frame, and also watermark. Besides, you can also use BD Sizer to limit a size, store EXIF information, using undo function, also add metadata.

You can get BD-Sizer in:



5 Applications to Resize Many Images at Once

Batch Image Processing (BIMP) is a batch processor for image file which made you possible to do many functions in many images. This software ca be used to create thumbnail from image, add prefix / postfix, renaming file, flip or rotating image, also use anti-aliasing and bevel effects.

You can get BIMP in:


4. Pixillion Unit Converter

5 Applications to Resize Many Images at Once

Pixillion Image Converter is a simple image editor which has function to change file type (JPEG, GIF, TIFF, etc), do resize, gave watermark, also apply some effects to your image. This software use batch processing method which made you possible to process many image and apply all change command just by one click only.

You can get Pixillion Image Converter from:


5. BatchBlitz

5 Applications to Resize Many Images at Once

BatchBlitz is an image editor application which is able to do many function in quick way, also can do those functions altogether or batch processing. This application is practical but very fast in graphic image processing.

Get BatchBlitz in:



Those are five software which can be used to do resizing process, also many other action to your image or photos.

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