5 Exciting Windows Software to Read Manga

Are you a manga fan? For manga enthusiasts, reading this Japanese-origin comic is not just common reading activity, but a ritual which transform theirselves and thought to the world created by mangaka (manga creator). It’s not surprising since according to the research, manga is made by detail panel system, so it would be similar as watching movie scene in per movement sequences. It is made reading manga like drowned us in chara’s (character) experience in the manga. This is the art of reading manga!

And in this digital era, when mangascan started to attract conventional readers attention, manga fan started to search software which is able to give similar experience as reading manga in tankubon or comic book. It’s not that easy! That’s why there were so many software claimed as able to be used to get exciting manga reading experience.

Exciting Windows Software to Read Manga

By referring that experience, SOT then collected manga-reader software with various features which made you reading manga just like holding the original book! Experience which is really wanted by manga in scan files form fans. Here is 5 Windows software to read manga in exciting way just like reading conventional book!


1. pviewer

Exciting Windows Software to Read Manga

pViewer is a free small application which provided some features such as viewing file like slideshow, reading EXIF data from image, add basic effect in image via built-in image editor, shortcut keyboard to direct the comic page. The application is also able to support comic reading with ZIP, CBR and CBZ file format, also offered separated mode for manga and comic.

What difference between manga and comic? It’s just related with sequences. Manga is read from right to left, while comic is read from left to right.

Other advantage of pViewer is, it’s also useful as image viewer and simple editor. You can view photo whether in window or full screen mode. You can also do Flip, Rotate or Resize images, and applying some effects in image like Invert, Grayscale, Add Black and white border.

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2. ComicSeer

Exciting Windows Software to Read Manga

ComicSeer makes you possible to read comic in compression format (ZIP, RAR, CBZ, and CBR) in attractive and flexible viewer. This application also supported Windows and Linux platform.

One of the advantage offered by this application is: able to read comic in ZIP, RAR, CBZ, and CBR format, so you would be able to save your hard drive storage by compressing all your manga and comic files, then when you miss them, you just read it using this application.

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3. CDisplayEx

Exciting Windows Software to Read Manga

CDisplayEx is a software which made you possible to get easiness and comfort in reading, just like opening the comic laid in front of you. Moreover, this application also has various basic features needed by manga lovers like reading from right to left, magnify, scroll, also ability to open compression file like RAR, ZIP, or CBZ. The advantage of this application is simple interface and easy to be used.

You can get CDisplayEx in:


4. ComicRack

Exciting Windows Software to Read Manga

ComicRack offers features which surely will attract mangascan lovers. ComicRack features various popular format for comic and manga, besides, it is also add various navigation ability to your comic collection in interface consisted of three panels. You can search your collection in the lowest panel, and reading comic and manga you wanted using the upper panel.

Other innovative features from this manga-reader software is not only reading manga in CBZ file, even this application is also able to create CBZ file you’re your manga collection, so you can add it in yoiur Library where you store all your comic collection.

ComicRack promised more intense experience in reading manga. Even you can also equip your ‘personal library’ by writing review to be enjoyed by yourself or share it in your friends who also mangascan fans.

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5. MangaMeeya

Exciting Windows Software to Read Manga

MangaMeeya is a simple manga-reader software, but offered experience which is similar like reading manga conventionally. For example, flipping bookpage animation movement which would make you feel reading real book, the freedom to manage our reading habit whether from left to right or in the opposite, and there are many more.

MangaMeeya can be also operated via hotkeys, so you can use your keyboard to operate this software!

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Those 5 manga-reader-software surely would offer you an alternative experience just like reading manga in real world for you. Just like SOT said above, reading manga is just like jumping in another world alone. Just as Sumiko Sumimura in Kekkaishi manga said: “In the end, No one has been able to destroy my world…”

So, by using this 5 manga-reader-software, don’t let other person destroy your cool world when reading manga! Hehe…

Travis Brice is a computer technician and also father of two cute children. After 6 years of hard work at telecommunication company, he decides to quit his job and build his own business. Now he also writes for Spyontech on his spare time. He loves to write about operating system, especially Microsoft Windows.

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