8 Best Firewall We Can Get for Free

When you surfed the internet, actually you’re downloading various data into your computer system, and in the same time, uploading data from computer system. The data consisted of text, script, image, video, and many other things. Here you need firewall software which is able to monitor the data exchange securely. Here is 8 Best Firewall software you can get for free.

Firewall Definition

Before we headed into Best Firewall list, SOT will explain the firewall definition first. Firewall is a security software which continuously monitoring data in and out when you’re online, and automatically blocked or warn you when there’s any suspicious data exchange.

8 Best Firewall

Here is best firewall list by SOT which you can get freely for sure:

1. ZoneAlarm Free Firewall

8 Best Firewall We Can Get for Free

ZoneAlarm Free Firewall is the most popular free firewall and can be said as one of the best according to SOT. This Firewall is able to protect your computer from hacker or spyware which tried to steal data in your computer via internet. Additional feature provided by ZoneAlarm Free Firewall is Security Toolbar which is able to give security information related with site you visited, secure search engine result, etc.

You can download ZoneAlarm Free Firewall here:


ZoneAlarm Free Firewall Main page:



2. Comodo Firewall

8 Best Firewall We Can Get for Free

Main feature of Comodo Firewall is Default Deny Protection (DDP) which is claimed having higher accuracy than other common firewall. This DDP work is the opposite of common Firewall’s work. If common Firewall used dangerous malware list (blacklist) to be blocked when tried to enter the computer, DDP used trustable software list (white list) in its database. Suspicious activity used by program outside the white list will trigger DDP to block or warn you about a possible danger attack.

All database of Comodo Firewall is cloud-basis, so it would be really up-to-date. It is important so you wouldn’t only protected from ‘old’ threat only… but also ‘latest’ threat which endanger you.

Comodo Firewall can be downloaded here:



3. Private Firewall

8 Best Firewall We Can Get for Free

Private Firewall provided multi-layered protection or used to call adalah double protection :D. Private Firewall will protect your computer from spying software which spying and stealing your data via internet.

Private Firewall feature can be said complete, included protection to spyware, malware, virus, hacker to email and system protection.

You can download Private Firewall here:



4. Online Armor Free

8 Best Firewall We Can Get for Free

Online Armor Free is a Firewall designed to give protection from hacker, malicious program, etc. the main purpose of this Firewall is protecting your identity and private data.

You can get Online Armor Free here:



5. AVS Firewall

8 Best Firewall We Can Get for Free

In addition of protecting your computer from hacker and spyware, AVS Firewall can also protect PC registry so it won’t be manipulated. There are some security level you can select, such as High, Custom or Off.

AVS Firewall can be downloaded here:



6. NetVeda

8 Best Firewall We Can Get for Free

NetVeda has advanced internet firewall equipped with traffic recording, traffic rate controls, network activity monitor, to content security. The purpose is protecting your computer from online spies which are ready to steal your data even from a small crack.

NetVeda can be downloaded here:



7. iolo Personal Firewall

8 Best Firewall We Can Get for Free

If your computer used Windows XP or Vista operating system, then you can use this iolo Personal Firewall. This Firewall is equipped with stealth mode feature which is able to make your computer unseen by hacker who tried to steal your data via internet.

iolo Personal Firewall can be downloaded from this link:



8. Filseclab Personal Firewall Professional Edition

8 Best Firewall We Can Get for Free

It’s a rare occasion Professional Edition software which can be obtained for free. By various advanced features such as virus, trojan, adware, and spyware blocker, Filseclab just like “security officer” who keep your computer “office” 24 hours seven days a week nonstop!

Just like Private Firewall, This Filseclab Firewall also has double layer technology to keep your computer secure from data stealing. Unfortunately, this Filseclab Personal Firewall Professional Edition can only be used by Windows XP users.

You can download Filseclab Personal Firewall here:



That was 8 best Firewall software by SOT version you can get for free. You may select the most suitable software with your needs. Don’t forget to share it and also tell your experience through comment below.

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