A Must Have Software That Helping Writer and Blogger to Write Better

When I first time writing for this blog, I start using notepad as my text editor. That’s working fine until I found this software: FocusWriter! FocusWriter is an open source software that created especially for writer, blogger, or other writing profession. FocusWriter just like another text editor but with rich “writer friendly features” such as timer, spell checker, daily goals, live article statistics, etc.

A Must Have Software That Helping Writer and Blogger to Write Better

FocusWriter support .txt and simple .rtf file. It has timers and alarms to help me write faster every day single day. Daily goals feature help me to reach my daily writing target based on words count or writing time. I myself decide to set my daily goal to write minimum 1500 words each day.

My favorite feature from FocusWriter is spell checker that let me to know when I make mistakes such as typos or misspellings on my article. FocusWriter also give me the suggestion words on every mistake I made and make it correct in every words I wrote.

Another additional feature from FocusWriter is live statistics that give me an information about my article properties such as the number of words, the number of paragraph, the number of characters, etc. This statistics feature is absolutely important especially for blogger.

FocusWriter is a portable software that doesn’t need to install. Simply download FocusWriter from this link below and it’s ready to use.

FocusWriter for Windows XP, Vista and 7



FocusWriter for Mac OS X 10.5 Intel


FocusWriter for Mac OS X 10.4 Universal


This software is not only available for English writer, because it also support any other language like Česky, Deutsch, English, Español, Español (México), Français, Polski, Português, Português (Brasil), Русский. FocusWriter was really useful for me, it’s make me write faster and easier every day single day. And I’m sure it also useful for you who want to write better, easier and faster.

Watch this video to know how to use FocusWriter and how is FocusWriter in action:

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  1. There is also a good free Android solution – dType app, which is availible trough the Play Market. Search for that. Anything else I found on Android was quite embarrassing, paid and for the most part support only tablets.

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