Accessing Computer or Server Remotely with TeamViewer

Do you know that you could access other computer or server all over the world by using your computer? What you need is internet connection and TeamViewer software!

TeamViewer is a remote access software made you possible to control and access another PC all over the world in front of your computer screen directly.
For whom this TeamViewer was made?

1. For you who has far partner (different city or country), you could access and see your partner’s computer display and cooperate in working your project though from far location.

2. For you who want to present your worksheet to your partner or someone who has far location from you. You just have to use your TeamViewer and your partner or client could see your computer display directly from their computer.

3. For you who has computer or server and want to access and control your computer in remote way now.

4. For you who wanted to do file exchange (File Transfer) from your computer to server or your partner’s computer which is far from your location.

5. For you who opened training or online tutorial or want to do webinar.

6. and other needs which made you access computer or server in remote way from your computer.


For you who want to download and install this TeamViewer, it’s so easy. Please follow this tutorial:

1. Download TeamViewer in this site:


2. Click on “Download” button

Download TeamViewer

3. A page would be opened, click on “Download Now” button

Click on Download Now to download TeamViewer

To access computer or server in remote, both computers should be installed with TeamViewer. The process is so easy:

4. Double Click on Installer TeamViewer (TeamViewer_Setup)

5. Select “Install” Option and Click on “Next”

Select "Install" and Click on Next to Insatall Team Viewer

6. Select “Personal/non-commercial use” option, then click on Next

Select "Personal.." and then Click on Next to install TeamViewer

7. Tick on both option “I Accept..” and “I Agree..” then click on Next

Tick on both option and then Click on Next to install TeamViewer

8. Select “Default” option and click on Next

Select "Default" option and Click on Next to Install TeamViewer

Do this TeamViewer installation process in each computer which you want to access remotely.


How to access computer or server in remote by using TeamViewer?

After TeamViewer has installed in both computer you want to connect (example: your computer and your partner’s), then do these steps:

1 Ask your partner to give his/her TeamViewer Partner ID and Password

2. Enter the Partner ID in provided place in your TeamViewer. Select connection you wanted (Remote control, File transfer, or VPN) then click on “Connect to Partner”

Insert your Partner ID and click on "Connect to Partner"

3. After that, there would be password asks by TeamViewer, insert the your partner’s TeamViewer Password

Insert Your Partner's TeamViewer Password

4. You will connect directly to your partner’s computer.

Remote Access with TeamViewer

Remote File Transfer in TeamViewer

It’s a piece of cake, isn’t it? By TeamViewer, you can access computer or server in remote easily without thinking the technical things like IP address, Firewall, NAT, dll.

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  1. janxi says:

    is there a payment if i will use.this teamviewer? is it fully free or not

  2. Eugene says:

    This is also good.
    Works well, doesn’t require installation or specific config, works behind gateways NAT as well as within one LAN.

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