Aciqra: Virtual Planetarium for Astronomy Fans

Stars in the sky keep a million of mysteries. People could stare at the stare and feel a romance there. Even many legends inspired from universe’s constellation, such as Greek mythology about Andromeda, Aquarius, Aries, Cancer, Capricorn, and many more, even Lao Tzu also put the basic of Tao by ‘read’ the stars in the sky. Do you want to get inspiration or even observe the stars in the sky? Now there’s an application which displays virtual planetarium, which is Aciqra.


This application is a simple desktop application which is able to display millions of star for calculation, mapping, or observation you want to do. You can easily do zoom in and zoom out, depend on star position you intended. This application has more than 2.5 millions stars in its database, and also celestial such as planet, asteroids, and others, equipped with tools such as angle indicator, night vision, atmospheric refraction, which made you possible to interpret our universe.

If you’re interesting, download Aciqra first in:

After you do common installation procedure, you can open Aciqra which its launcher is so similar with DOS System in Windows. I remind you, it takes quite long time so that Aciqra could open perfectly.

Now, imagine yourself as Astronomer or star observer. The first question passed your mind surely the stars name and their activities, location, angle, and also other factors related with the star’s activity. There are also many phenomena in the space which disturbed our operation, such as atmosphere refraction which disturbed distance between sky objects with our view. Aciqra overcome this easily by using navigation based on users’ complexity. If you feel that the display is too crowded, you can use buttons related with the celestial display (such as star, planet, asteroid, etc) on the right side, then you can eliminate or show certain object, such as planet or star.


The amazing is, you can get information about certain celestial as you selected by clicked it. In the picture example above, I tried to get information about alpha.


This application displays stars constellation in the sky with all their complexity, makes you possible to learn if you’re interesting about astronomy. When I tried this application, I found the weakness is, a crash happened often, moreover if the user impatient and click randomly while expected fast information from all objects displayed on screen. So, the keyword is “patient”. By the way, astronomer are patient people in their effort to reveal celestial mystery. So, minimum you can train yourself to follow their path by using this application.

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