Add New Shorcuts on Windows Right-Click Menu Using 7CMenuEditoR.INC

When you use program or application in windows often, the fastest and easiest way to access it is through right click menu provided by Windows. But how to fill in your favorite application on the menu easily? The answer is on 7CMenuEditoR.INC software!

Add New Shorcuts on Windows Right-Click Menu Using 7CMenuEditoR.INC

7CMenuEditoR.INC is a software you can use to add application or software menu you wanted in Windows right-click menu. So when you do right click, there would be shortcut menu to open the application. It will make your work faster when you have to open your favorite application repeatedly.

How to use this 7CMenuEditoR.INC is so easy, you just have to browse exe program file you wanted to put on list, browse icon you wanted and click on Create.

Not just opening application or software, you can also make shortcut to open a site pages. Just fill in name, url, icon, browser you wanted to use to open the address, also position when the site has opened. Click on Create and the shortcut would be added to your Windows right click menu.

So easy, isn’t it? For you who wanted to add application shortcut or your favorite site address in your windows right-click menu, you can download 7CMenuEditoR.INC for free here:


This 7CMenuEditoR.INC can be used in windows XP, Vista and windows 7 whether 32 bit or 64 bit operating system. Have a good try :)

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