AirMech: Strategy, Action, and also Shooting Game in Google Chrome

AirMech is a browser based game which provided strategy type gameplay. This game was made for Google Chrome users. So, for you who used Google Chrome, download this game quickly! :).

Game AirMech

This Game is not fully strategy (RTS) which used to be difficult and made you confuse. This game also has action and shooter elements, you have to start commanding your team to attack enemy’s headquarter and dominated the battlefield.

Actually, you here played role as a plane which is able to transform into robot, but not just that. You’re also pursued to command all your team to attack and defense from enemies.

Game AirMech

There is also multiplayer mode, so you can fight your own friend, one on one, two on two, or three on three to decide who are the strongest among you and your friends.

Besides, there’s also Survival mode. This mode pursued you to defend from enemy attack as long as possible, and you can also bring your four friends to follow this survival mode.

AirMech Game is a game combined strategy, shooting, action, and also tower defense. It’s really exciting and cool game!

Game AirMech

Game AirMech

Download AirMech Game for Google Chrome:

For you who still curious about this game, here is the video demo:

How do you think about this AirMech game? Exciting, isn’t it? Just like Command & Conquer: Red Alert but you have more freedom to command your team.

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