Audials One Special Edition: All-In-One Entertaintment Software (Review)

Finding, recording, downloading, and converting music, movie, video, and internet radio are some advantages you may find from this Audials One. It made me dare to say that Audials One is an all-in-one entertainment software. Audials One has many functions, they are streaming radio player, audio video converter, copy protection remover, video downloader also music and movie recorder. After I investigated it, the normal software which is commonly sold $59.90, has version you could download for free, that is Audials One Free Special Edition. I’ll show you how to get this Audials One Free Special Edition software. Now let’s see the complete features of Audials One according to its developer :

Audials One : All In One Entertaintment Software (Review)

Audials One : All In One Entertaintment Software (Review)


1. provide various kinds of music you wanted

Just type on music genre, artist, album, or title you wanted, audials one would find it for you. How can this software find music you searched? Sometimes audials one would download it directly from internet, and when it didn’t find it, audials one will record it from radio station in internet. audials one will make sure you get the music you searched, wherever its source!


2. Recording music and audio.

You could record music and audio you listened from streaming service from or portal music like Grooveshark automatically.


3. Updating podcast directory automaticall

Podcast is a free service provides audio and video entertainment in certain time (episode-based). Audials One would automatically download all new episode from podcast directory and make sure it always up to date.


4. recording and downloading movie and video from internet.

When you see movie or video online which couldn’t be downloaded, audials one could help you to make its copy by recording it and saving it in your computer. Audials one could also be used to download movie and video in internet.


5. converting various audio format

Audials One is also has internal converter which could be used to convert your audio from one format to other format. Audials One support almost all popular audio format used in PC, mobile phone, iPod and other gadget.


6. overcoming copy protection

Copy protection applied often in CD/DVD so it couldn’t be copied. However, with audials One, you could copy CD/DVD which was secured by copy protection.


7. Audials One has Internal DVD ripper

By audials you could copy your favorite DVD movie using internal DVD ripper in the program.


8. managing your Music Library to avoid mess.

All people like music, and I’ms ure there’s so many songs you have in your computer. Audials One would manage your music library so that you wouldn’t find any trouble in finding your favorite song. By ID3 tags, album cover, and song lyrics, would make you easier in managing all your music collection list.

Normally, Audials One which is the latest version is version 8, sold $ 59.90. but after I investigated it, I found that there is Audials One 8 Free Special Edition you could use for free in


This is step by step to get Audials One 8 Free Special Edition for free:

1. visit this site:


2. Click on “Download”

Download Audials One

3. Double Click on installer Audials_One_8_Standard_Computerbild_online.exe , make sure you are connected with the internet when you installed Audials One.

Double Click Audials One Installer

4. select language you wanted and click on next. Audials One would do updating automatically, just wait until it finish.

Click Next to install Audials One

Audials One automatic Update

5. select “standard” option and click on “Install”

Select "Standard" and Click Install to Install Audials One

6. Click on Next

Click Next to Install Audials One

7. Select “I Accept the terms in the license Agreement” then click on Next

Select "I Accept.." and Click Next

8. Click on “next” several times, then click on “install”

Click Install button to Install Audials One

9. wait until all installation process is done and click on “Finish”

When doing installation process, there is an automatic update done by Audials One, the update is so long! I spent almost 1 hour just to wait the update process done. Beside, installation process also needed long time.

Beside it’s free, I still haven’t found any strength from this software compared with similar software.

Final Verdict :
In my opinion, this software is NOT RECOMMENDED to Install. But the final decision is still on your hand.

Chris Febian is the founder of He spent his time by testing new software and writing some reviews of them. This blog is one of his favorite place to publish his reviews.

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