Avoid Spam, Phising and Virus When Surfing with BITDEFENDER TrafficLight Internet Security!

The more popular internet made many irresponsible people using it to do many Internet crime. You as internet user should recognize the crime using Internet such as phising website, virus, spam commercial, etc. It’s also common that phising site can be found in search engine result like google, yahoo, etc, even the site sometimes appear in various advertising! To help you evade Internet crime and all danger in the Internet, you can use BITDEFENDER TrafficLight!

Using Internet Safely with BITDEFENDER TrafficLight!

BITDEFENDER TrafficLight is an extension browser which will help you to protect yourself from crime happened often in internet such as phising web, spam advertising, web with dangerous script code, and from virus which often spread through website. BITDEFENDER TrafficLight supports all kind of browsers included Internet Explorer 7+, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, also Safari.

BITDEFENDER TrafficLight has some features such as:

1. Search Results scanner : this feature will screen searching result in search engine like google, bing, etc. dangerous site appeared in search result would be screened and wouldn’t be displayed. It made you safe and avoid to get trap into dangerous site when you do searching from search engine.
2. Anti Phising technology : this feature would stop you from entering dangerous phising website area.
3. Antivirus web filter : Virus commonly spread through site or website you visited and by this feature, BITDEFENDER TrafficLight will protect you from virus infection spread through website you’ve opened.
4. Social Network Links Scanner : Recently, there are phenomena of dangerous site through social network link like facebook, twitter etc. BITDEFENDER TrafficLight has social network links scanner to filter dangerous link spread through social network you’ve followed.

Previously I have also post software with similar feature, that was G Data Cloud Security. But, compared with G Data Cloud Security, BITDEFENDER TrafficLight offered some advantages such as:

1. Support for all kind of popular browser included Internet Explorer 7+, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Safari. (G Data Cloud Security only support Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox)
2. Proactive: Did re-check before the website loaded in browser
3. Real Time : cover you from dangerous website which its database was updated realtime in cloud server BITDEFENDER.
4. Precise : BITDEFENDER TrafficLight has done website blocking completely if you don’t need it. Website will only be blocked on its dangerous part and you can also access other un-danger part as long as it’s you wanted.
5. Search and Social Safe : protect you from trapped into dangerous site spread in search engine or spread through status in social network.
6. BITDEFENDER TrafficLight work automatically after you installed.

For you who has interest to use BITDEFENDER TrafficLight in securing you in Internet, you can download it for free here:



Download BITDEFENDER TrafficLight!

Just click on “Download” button after the page is open. Lucky for you who use Windows operating system since you can enjoy all feature of BITDEFENDER TrafficLight comprehensively. For Mac OSX and Linux, user Antivirus web filter and social network link scanner couldn’t be enjoyed for now.

By using BITDEFENDER TrafficLight, now you can surf the Internet safer, comfortable and calmer, avoided from Internet crime such as website phising, spam advertising, and various virus spread through Internet. The good news is, this BITDEFENDER TrafficLight can be used for free! I hope this information would be useful:)

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