Backup All Browser Data Using FavBackup

If you have your browser hang or crash, you’ll be so pissed off. One way, if you don’t know how to overcome it, is by re-installing the browser. Surely all data in the browser would be gone if you don’t know how. But now, you don’t have to worry, since SOT will share FavBackup to help you overcome your matters. Previously SOT once discussed about backing up Mozilla browser using MozBackup but now you can backup all your browser data using FavBackup.

FavBackup is a software to help you in doing data backup from Firefox, Chrome, IE, Opera, Safari or Flock browsers. Data can be backed up by FavBackup are bookmarks, cookies, download history, extensions, history, MIME types, preferences, saved form data and passwords, site and user preferences, search engine, sessions, spelling dictionary, toolbar layout, themes and personas. Almost all data you had, aren’t they?

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To backup your browser data using FavBackup, it’s quite easy. There are four ways you can passed through. By using Restore or using Full Restore. If you use Full Restore then you will just need one click to get your browser data. However, if you use Backup, so you can select anything you will backup from your browser.
This Software can also restore your browser data. Just similar as Backup and Full Backup, in restore menu, you can select Restore or Full Restore. Unfortunately, this software couldn’t backup automatically, so you have to back it up manually.

By using FavBackup software, you can get all of your browser data fast and easy just by click and click.

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