Backup and Secure your data with EASEUS Todo Backup Home

Data and important file in your computer can be lost and erased anytime. Many thing can cause it, such as virus which damage your data, hard disk damage, or intentionally erased. To avoid your important data lost because of those things, there would be good for you to backup your data using backup software. One of the data backup software you can use for free is EASEUS Todo Backup Home!

Backup and Secure your data with EASEUS Todo Backup Home

EASEUS Todo Backup Home is a file backup, disk clone and disaster recovery software which will protect your data included document, photo, video, application, and other data you wanted.

EASEUS Todo Backup Home edition has some main features, such as:

1. backup and recovery operating system and application installed in your computer without disturbing your work. Supporting for Windows 2000, XP, Vista and Windows 7 operating system
2. Backup any file and folder you wanted.
3. It has Incremental backup so you can backup the last change happened in your computer according your last data backup. It can save your disk space and time.
4. You can save your data backup in storage media you wanted such as hard drive, CD/DVD, network etc.
5. You can secure your backup data using password, so it won’t be used by irresponsible person.
6. You can schedule your backup process as you wanted, whether now, daily, weekly, or monthly.
7. Provided with backup management to arrange your backup plan.
8. You can access your file or folder directly from your image backup. You can copy, recover, etc.
9. It has Disk Clone tool feature to copy all data in your hard drive to other hard drive, it can be used for you who want to upgrade your hard drive, but didn’t want to re-install all your software again.

For you who have interest to use this EASEUS Todo Backup Home you can download it for free here:


Click on one of download link you wanted.

Click on one of download link you wanted

By using EASEUS Todo Backup Home you can avoid to loss your important data also return your computer condition as before if in case there is a crash or system error in your computer. I hope this information would be worth for you :)

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