Backup Your Mozilla Profile Setting with MozBackup

For you who used mozilla firefox, mozilla thunderbird, Mozilla Sunbird, Flock, SeaMonkey, Mozilla Suite, Spicebird, Songbird, and netscape, now you can backup your profile setting from those softwares, so that when you re-install your computer, or so on, you can restore all your profile setting software.

Backup your Mozilla Profile Setting with MozBackup

Profile setting you can backup by MozBackup such as bookmarks, mail, contacts, passwords, extensions, cache, history etc.

With MozBackup, you can backup mozilla firefox, mozilla thunderbird, and other softwares profile setting easily. For you who has interest to download and install MozBackup, please follow this guidance:

1. visit this site to download MozBackup:


2. MozBackup consisted of 2 version, installation and portable version. Click on “Install Program” link to download installation version and click on “ZIP version” link to download the portable version

Download MozBackup

3. Double click on MozBackup Installer

Double click the installer to install MozBackup

4. Click on Next

Click on Next to install MozBackup

5. Click on I Agree

Click on I Agree to install MozBackup

6. Click on install and click on Finish when installation process has done.

Click on Install to install MozBackup


How to use MozBackup to backup bookmarks, mail, contacts, passwords, extensions, cache, history etc. :

1. Open MozBackup then click on next

Click on Next to use MozBackup

2. Select Operation kind and Software you wanted to backup, then click on next.

Click on Next to use MozBackup

3. Select the location where you want to save backup file by click on Browse, then, click on Next

Click on Next to use MozBackup

4. Click on Yes if there has been notification, then insert password (minimum 3 characters) and click on OK

Insert Password and Click on OK to use MozBackup

5. Click on Next and MozBackup has already backup your chosen software.

Click on Next to use MozBackup


My Review about MozBackup

1. Very fast and easy to backup Mozila Firefox and other Mozilla-made software profile setting
2. Backup file is protected by password, so it is secure from unresponsible person’s theft

1. Only focused on Mozilla Product’s profile setting, this software will be far better if has choice to backup another browser’s profile setting such as Google Chrome, Opera, etc.

Final Verdict
Recommended! For you who don’t want your mozilla firefox, mozilla thunderbird and the other mozilla-made software profile setting is lost, please download this MozBackup. My Rating for MozBackup is 8 from 10.

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