Balabolka: Change Text into Speech in Various Languages

If you searched software which could give speech on text you wanted, Balabolka would be the software you’re searching for! Balabolka is a Text to Speech (TTS) software which is able to read any text with language and dialect you wanted, started from English, France, Germany, etc.

Balabolka: Change text to Speech in various languages

Balabolka: Change text to Speech in various languages

Balabolka Text to Speech is fit for you who:

1. Learning a foreign language and want to find out the foreign language spell correctly.

2. practice to read in foreign language

3. for you who lazy to read long writing. Just use balabolka, and you just have to listen without reading it.


How to download and install menginstall Balabolka Text to Speech software:

1. Download Balabolka here:


2. Exract

Extract balabolka to Install Balabolka Text to Speech Software

3. Double click on setup.exe

Double Click Setup.exe to Install Balabolka Text to Speech Software

4. Select the language you want to use and click on next.

Select your language and click on next to Install Balabolka Text to Speech Software

5. Click on next several times to do installation on balabolka software.

Click on Next several times to Install Balabolka Text to Speech Software

6. Click on Finish

Balabolka Text to Speech Software Installation was completed


How to use Balabolka Text to Speech software:

1. Copy the text you wanted to change into speech and paste on balabolka.

2. Direct the cursor in the beginning of text you wanted to be speech and click on “Read Aloud” button.

Click Read Aloud button to make balabolka read the text into speech

3. Balabolka would start to read your text in English language and dialect.

4. you could also save the speech in various audio format by click on File -> Save Audio File

Save Audio Version of Text with Balabolka text to speech software

Balabolka Text to Speech program is not only supported to read English text, balabolka could also be used to read text in other dialect and language, like:

English, Bulgarian, Chinese simplified and Chinese traditional, Czech, Dutch, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Korean, Polish, Portugueze (whether Brazil or Portugal), Romanian, Russian, Spanish also Ukrainian.

To use balabolka in other language beside English, you also need to download Text to Speech add on in other language you wanted. You could have the Add on for free here:

You could use Balabolka TTS in computer with Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, 2003, Vista and Windows 7 operating system


My Review about Balabolka Text to Speech Program:


1. Free, easy to use and able to read text in English with every word spelled well.
2. supported many popular language
3. able to save Text to Speech result in audio
4. could be edited and fit some language parameters in manual like editing pronunciation, rate, and pitch.


Just as the other text to speech software weakness, sometimes there were some word-reading which “truncated”, made us difficult to listen and understand. Reading intonation also like a robot… flat and cold.

Final Verdict:

Not Bad! You could use Balabolka text to speech program to learn English or other language spelling for free. My rate for Balabolka is 7 from 10.

Chris Febian is the founder of He spent his time by testing new software and writing some reviews of them. This blog is one of his favorite place to publish his reviews.

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  1. Firas Kadhum says:

    Thanks for posting original files – without installer that adds malware and messes up browsers, used by software download sites.
    Great review. and thanks, again, for providing clean files.

  2. jsrich says:

    Balabolka is a great program. There is nothing more disgusting than bloated-unnecessary software like AVG, IoBit, Crapple, and CopyTrans. At one point these companies were offering simple files and as they became known they started “bundling” their stuff with trash.

  3. Shari Anton says:

    Can’t find the addon mentioned at the very end that allows for you to use in another language.

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