BatteryCare Now Run 50% Faster! (Update)

2 month ago I reviewed Free Software to Make Your Laptop Battery Last Longer, called BatteryCare. Today I found it was recently updated in it’s new version, BatteryCare There are several improvements and new features on this latest version of BatteryCare.

BatteryCare Now Run 50% Faster!

For you who don’t know about BatteryCare and it’s benefit for you, you can read my BatteryCare detail review here. As a short review, this software will make your laptop battery last longer by manage battery charge and discharge process.

There are several improvements on BatteryCare :

1. Optimized startup time and now it’s run up to 50% faster than before.

2. Reduced quickinfo popup display delay. Now it’s snapier.

3. Updater will now install major releases with the program installer.

4. There are several minor translation issues fixed.

For you BatteryCare user, you should update your BatteryCare version to its latest version for the better performance of your batterycare software.

You can download it for free from this link below:


By using BatteryCare, you can make your laptop’s battery life last longer easily. For you who don’t use it yet, I suggest you to download and try this awesome software now. It’s free! :)

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