Best 4 Free Operating System for Children

Do your children started to have interest with computer? Do you want them grow by skillfully using the computer? We know that childhood is a creative and full with imagination time. Therefore, their development would be more optimum if you gave them operating system which conform their age. Here is operating system made specifically for children, with funny and attractive display, added with educating programs.

1. DoudouLinux


DoudouLinux is an operating system aimed for children. It has simple and attractive display. Besides, this operating system is aimed for children with 2 until 12 years old age. It is equipped with educated programs, so your children can learn and have fun without you have to monitor them.

Download DoudouLinux OS:


2. Qimo


Qimo is an operating system which is designed for children, but with older than 3 years old age. Qimo was made according Ubuntu, beside, Qimo display is designed for your children comfort and easiness. Icons displayed by Qimo are so large so your children won’t be difficult to find program they will use.

Download Qimo OS:


3. Sugar on a Stick


The other operating system you can use for your children is Sugar on a Stick. Sugar on a Stick appeared with programs designed for your children education. Programs provided are browsing, drawing, reading, writing, programming, etc. you can also monitor your children activities by using Jabber network. Sugar on a Stick doesn’t have saving option menu, so this operating system would be automatically store what your children working on.

Download Sugar on a Stick OS:


4. Edubuntu


Edubuntu is Ubuntu development which came to children’s world, especially older than 5 years old. This operating system is created according to undergraduate student, teacher, parent, and hacker who suggested that education is important to be given in early age. Edubuntu also has many learning programs.

Download Edubuntu OS:


those are four operating system made specifically for children. By using those operating system, it’s expected they would be able to develop more creatively and imaginatively

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