4 Best Financial Management Application

One thing made us difficult to reach richness is, because of financial mismanagement. It is often happened where our expense is larger than income since we cannot limit ourselves in expenditure. Than limiting – sometimes we even didn’t know how could our income yesterday disappeared! But don’t be sad and depressed. You can improve your financial performance by paying attention to your expense and income details. By ‘financial awareness’ and ‘tight control’ to financial, you definitely will be able to overcome your financial problem, reducing debt and avoid your over-expenditure!

Just like what SOT mentioned previously, financial control can be done by recording routinely your income and expense, so you will have a high ‘financial awareness’. Knowing about your income and expenditure in detail. To support it, you can utilize 4 best desktop financial management application according to SOT version here!

Best Financial Management Application

1. Inesoft Cash Organizer

Inesoft Cash Organizer will store all your financial information by using sophisticated encryption equipped with scheduled backup. Besides, there’s also currency converter and payment schedule which made you possible to do overall management practically to your financial condition. This application uses cloud data so it will make you possible to keep so that your financial data wouldn’t be lost. One of the advantage is, you can synchronize data in Inesoft Cash Organizer by your various devices.

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2. Rylstim Budget

Rylstim Budget is an accounting software with many features which will make you easily monitor all your financial transaction. Even automatically, this application will arrange expenditure and income graphic, also balance in your hand – which surely accurate if you diligently note your expenditure and income in detail.
This Rylstim Budget specialty is, you’ll be able to review your financial condition according to statistic data provided by Rylstim Budget, so you can fix your financial habit.

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3. Unkle Bill

Unkle Bill, as its name – bill-monitoring-uncle (?) – is an accounting application for beginner which decorated by an oldman icon (similar with Uncle Sam) which seemed so cute to guide you doing a good and correct recording for all your income and expenditure.
This application’s specialty is, it will be easier to use by beginner since in every step, there will be a simple tutorial which is easy to be learned. If you have just learned accounting, you can learn via this application.

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4. Money Manager Ex

Money Manager Ex is the most complete personal financial manager application SOT ever found. Just imagine, by this application, you’ll be able to record, not just income and expenditure, but also money amount in bank, asset, stock, then by calculating all your income and expenditure, then you’ll get the most complete record about your properties development!
This application’s specialty is, completely, displayed your property list on screen, so you can assess your development or reducing property. One of its interesting feature is, you can state a budget and control your budget, so you’ll be trained in managing your financial condition to avoid over-expense.

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By those four desktop financial application, SOT expected that you can train to control your financial so, there would never be bigger expenditure than income. At least, after using those applications above, you’ll find out where your money flow….

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