BleachBit : CCleaner Software for Linux

You’re surely familiar with CCleaner, aren’t you? Free software which is able to ‘clean’ PC also protect the privacy is so popular among Windows users. BleachBit has similar function which CCleaner, but it could be used in Linux operating system computer.

BleachBit can be solution for all Linux users who wanted their computer to be kept from unused trash files:


BleachBit features:

  • Clean unused file to keep disk space.
  • Keep privacy by cleaning cache, cookies, and log files.
  • Improving system performance.
  • Swap and clean memory in Linux.
  • Erasing broken shortcut in Linux.
  • Erasing language you don’t use in Linux.
  • Cleaning APT for Debian, Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu and Linux Mint.
  • Finding and erasing trash files such as Thumbs.db and DS_Store.
  • Running yum clean in CentOS, Fedora and Red Hat to clean cache package data.
  • Erasing recent documents list in OpenOffice.
  • Overwrite Free Disk Space to hide previous file.


Download BleachBit

If you used Ubuntu, you can install BleachBit directly via Software Center. You can also download it directly from BleachBit main site here:


How to use BleachBit

Clean your computer

Different with CCleaner, BleachBit display data options which erasable according to its application. For example, in Firefox, you can select any data you want to clean.



You can also do scanning trash file, to erase those files.


It would be better before you erase files using BleachBit, you previewed it first to assure you don’t erase the wrong file.



File Shredding

In addition of cleaning your computer with common way as I told you above, BleachBit can also be used to clean your computer file permanently. By this way, data you have cleaned could not be restored by file recovery software.

To activate it, access Edit -> Preference, then just tick on “Overwrite files to hide contents”. Activating this feature will make your cleaning process a bit longer.



You can also erase permanently file or folder you wanted via BleachBit men.

BleachBit : CCleaner Software for Linux


Erasing System Files

When you tried to erase system files, such as localizations, there would be an error appeared because permission denied. It because you run BleachBit from standard user account.

BleachBit : CCleaner Software for Linux


To avoid error, you need to run it as root. If in Ubuntu, you will just have to close BleachBit, press ALT+F2, then type gksu bleachbit.

BleachBit : CCleaner Software for Linux


BleachBit will run directly with privilege as root, so you can erase various system files you wanted.

BleachBit : CCleaner Software for Linux


Although the general function aimed for Linux users, this software also has a Windows version. So, for Windows user who want to try it, feel free to do it :D

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