Bored with your Wallpaper??

Are you bored with standard wallpaper provided by Windows? SOT also felt the same. When SOT opened laptop everyday to work a task or just playing game, always see the wallpaper… Nothing change… standard picture provided in windows which decorated wallpaper in SOT’s laptop. It’s so boring to see the same wallpaper everyday and many times. Moreover if your laptop wallpaper is not attractive.

But if you lazy to search image in browser you want to set as wallpaper in your laptop and download it one by one, aren’t you? This time, SOT will give the solution.

Picturethrill is a wallpaper replacement software in your Windows. By using this software, you can change your wallpaper everyday, without bother yourself to search and download the image first. You’ll be able to update wallpaper on your Windows everyday.

Bored with your Wallpaper??

Its interface is quite simple and easy to use it. This program will display thumbnail from some sites you’re selected. There are some sites which wallpaper can be taken for free, some of them:

Bing –
Earth Science –
National Geographic –
Nature –

In this program, there’s a “wallpaper” option by pressing the button, then your Windows wallpaper will change in a glance. You can also update the site everyday. And the more amazing is, this program wouldn’t be permanent in your desktop.

Don’t worry about the complicated configuration option because this program is designed to be used easily. So you don’t have to consider about ratio aspect, or if your image has smaller size, it should be put in the center because this Picturethrill will handle it itself.

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