Celebrating Party in Home Goes Lively with VirtualDJ

Do you want to celebrate a party in home with vibrant music? Or do you want to learn becoming a DJ without having extra-expensive equipment? If those things are you looking for, VirtualDJ can be the right solution for you.

VirtualDJ is an audio mixing which can be used to remix a song easily. Just like advanced DJ equipment, VirtualDJ can be used to control song beat, tempo, and various other things which used to be done by DJ equipments.


VirtualDJ Home is a VirtualDJ which can be obtained for free. As free DJ Virtual software, the features can be said as complete, such as:

1. Equipped with DJ Player with control and pitch
2. It can be used until 99 decks
3. It is equipped with internal mixer with gain and equalizer
4. It is equipped with master tempo or key lock
5. It has automatic beatmatch feature to equalize song beat you remixed
6. It is equipped with Automix Mode, Automatic Gain, Smart Loops, Smart Sampler, and Record
7. It has a modified skin

There are still many more other VirtualDJ Home features. The complete feature can be viewed directly in this VirtualDJ page.


Are you ready to remix various songs you like? Download VirtualDJ Home for free here


In the page, you can download VirtualDJ Home for Windows or Mac OS.
In order to produce great song mixing result, you’d better learn basic DJ technique. VirtualDJ also gives you various media to learn as DJ with VirtualDJ such as:

VirtualDJ Forum


VirtualDJ Wiki


User Guide VirtualDJ (PDF)


Enjoy your time as DJ! … If you hold a party, don’t forget to invite me, OK ^^

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