Change Gmail Attachments Icon with Appropriate File Format

If you’re gmail user, you surely familiar with paperclip icon, aren’t you? This icon shows if there’s file attachments entered your inbox. But you surely confuse and questioning, what is the type of the file?

If previously you have to download the file to find out the extension, it’s an old way, and you should wait download process first. It would be so comfortable to know the file extension in your attachment.

So, you can decide whether you want to download the file that time or next day when you can see the file extension. If you used Gmail and a Chrome user, then you are one of the lucky person, since you can see the file extension attached by using Attachment Icons for Gmail in your chrome browser.

Change Gmail Attachments Icon with Appropriate File Format

Attachment Icons for Gmail is quite simple and easy to be used, you just have to open Chrome Web Store and install it if you want to use it. Then click on Add button to confirm installation process. After you installed it, the next step is login in your Gmail account. And if you see the attachment in inbox, then paperclip icon will be changed into icon from that file extension.

Download Attachment Icons for Gmail

There are some file extension you can view when you use this Attachment Icons for Gmail such as extension from PDF, mp3, JPEG,doc, and many more files. So, if you curious about the extension of file attached into your Gmail just used this Attachment Icons for Gmail.

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