Changing Photos into Video Using Bolide Slideshow Creator

Do you love to perpetuate your family photos, holiday photos, or other photos with your friends? How if you made those photos into a slideshow video so it would be more attractive and you can memorize it beautifully? Surely what we talked about right now still have correlation with software. What software you need to create video from your photos? This time, SOT suggested Bolide Slideshow Creator softwrae.


Bolide Slideshow Creator is a free software or freeware created to create slideshow video with no complexity or you can say: it’s so easy.

To use this software, you’ll just have to drag and drop photo or picture to timeline you wanted to create as video slideshow, after that, click on Play so you can watch how your photos run. You can also add audio, transition, text or effect when this video is run. After you satisfied by the result, you can save it by click on File->Save As, video can be stored with AVI, WMV or MKV format.

Download Bolide Slideshow Creator

Audio you can add into your video should have .aac, .mp3, .mp4, .wav, and .wma format., there are 38 transition you may select to prettify your video. This software also hasn’t any complicated display and easy to be used, even for a person who never used it before.

By this way, you can easily perpetuate your photos by making them as video slideshow you can add with soundtract text, and many more.

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