Chrome Based Browser Battle Continued!

After discussing about RockMelt, one of chrome based browser made specially for social network like Facebook & Twitter, now we would discuss the other 4 chrome based browser, they are TheWorld, BlackHawk, ChromePlus and Comodo Dragon. We would discuss each Chrome based browser strength and weakness and decide one winner!

What are the Chrome based browser?

1. TheWorld Browser : Focus on Speed!

TheWorld is a chrome based browser made with focused on browsing speed. TheWorld has feature like anti-crash and anti-freezing, resource usage control, private browsing, and high speed browsing level.

In resource usage, TheWorld needs smaller CPU and memory resource. Its anti-freezing technology made TheWorld’s tab didn’t influence other tab which was on freezing condition.

TheWorld Browser : Focus on Speed!

If you activate InPrivate Browsing feature, The World wouldn’t save cache, history, etc. Temporary files and web forms would be cleaned automatically when you close The World browser window.

From its look, TheWorld much look alike Firefox than Google Chrome. Even its internal downloader feature is so similar with Firefox with multi download optimization which is better than the original Google Chrome.

TheWorld weakness was on its ‘monotone’ skin and color. Not like Google Chrome which is rich of themes and skins, TheWorld only has several color and 2 skin choices.

For you who wanted browser with high access speed, you could get TheWorld Browser for free, here:



2. Comodo Dragon Browser : Focus on security and privacy!

Comodo Dragon is one of chrome based browser which really focused on security and privacy when you did browsing at the internet. Comodo Dragon’s features are raising your privacy security, SSL certificate Identification, higher stability, incognito mode stops cookies.

Comodo Dragon Browser : Focus on security and privacy!

With this high level security feature, it certainly decrease your browsing speed since before the website appeared in browser pages, the website firstly pass some checking to make sure its security.

Comodo will do SSl validation, stop cookies and spy, also prevent tracking downloaded from your browser by website you visited.

Comodo Dragon’s weakness is its chrome based version still left by the latest version.

If you want to use browser with high security level, you could get Comodo Dragon browser here:


3. ChromePlus Browser : Focus on easiness and functionality!

ChromePlus is also a chrome based browser, but focused on its easiness and functionality just like mouse gesture, super drag, IE tab and still many more features to support your simplicity.

ChromePlus Browser :  Focus on easiness and functionality!

Beside functionality, there are so many additional feature from Chromeplus, like:

1. just double click on the tab to close the tab

2. You could give order or new command by using your mouse arrow (Mouse Gesture)

3. Just drag one link and drop wherever in ChromePlus page, a new tab would open the link automatically

4. Just Block and Drag text you wanted, then drop wherever in ChromePlus pages, it would automatically open searching page for the text.

5. Having IE tabs feature which is able to open website with IE controls.

6. Integrated with several popular downloader like NetAnts, Orbit, QQ Xuanfeng, IS, FlashGet3, FlashGetMini, NetX, WebThunder and Xunlei. So you just have to right-click on download link and you could download file using downloader tools you wanted.

The weakness of ChromePlus is from design side which is still very standard from Google Chrome, no other uniqueness just as presented by the other chrome based browser.

If you wanted browser with high functionality please download ChromePlus here:


4. BlackHawk Browser : Combine Firefox and Google Chrome in one browser!

BlackHawk is one of the latest chrome based browser which is not so popular. Since its support and development are still low, also the less feature advantages promotion. But in performance, BlackHawk could compare with the other chrome based browser.

BlackHawk Browser : Combine Firefox and Google Chrome in one browser!

By combining speed owed by Google Chrome and functionality of Firefox, BlackHawk could be one of the worth browser to try.

BlackHawk weakness is on its standard design, you may say that it is so similar with google chrome.

For you who want to feel combination of google chrome’s speed and firefox’s functionality in one browser, you may download BlackHawk browser here:

From those four browser, all has different focus. One of them focused on speed, the other on functionality, security and privacy, etc. The winner of the browsers depend on your needs.

If you want speed: Download TheWorld Browser!
If you need Security and Privacy: Download Comodo Dragon Browser!
If you eager to have functionality: Download ChromePlus Browser
If you wonder a combination between Chrome and Firefox: Download BlackHawk Browser!
If you love social network: Download RockMelt Browser!

Enjoy, I hope this information worth for you:)


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