ClickBerry: Add Interactive Element in Video and Share it in Facebook

Internet is an effective tool in doing business, also promoting your goods or webs. The promotion media can be advertisement slot directed to your web, or you can also use a video contained link or promotion content for web. ClickBerry Interactivity Creator is an application which is able to help you to do this!

Clickberry Interactivity Creator is an Adobe AIR basis application which can be used to add clickable elements on your video. This is an amazing marketing tool for your promotion online in social media. Because this application makes you possible to put hyperlink, link to video online, tag to your friends, and many more. Video you uploaded will have interactive character with URL directed to the website you have. Besides, you can also add image, sidebar, and even Facebook like button. This application also offers attractive user interface and can be used. You just have to select and edit video by add some interactive objects.

If you’re interesting, you can download Clickberry Interactivity Creator in:

Don’t forget, before you install the application, you should also install Adobe Air which can be downloaded in:


When registering, you will be welcome by introduction video which can be understood easily. You can tick on ‘Don’t show introduction’ on left below side if you don’t need it. One thing you should remember, this application will connect you with your Facebook account. If you want to avoid notification in Facebook related with this application usage, don’t forget to change application setting related with information sharing feature, from ‘Only Friends’ to ‘Only Me’. This application has converter which automatically will change unsupported video with its format into FLV format.


Main screen will display all features with attractive details. You just have to add various items you wanted so that your video would be interactive. But the first thing you need to do is, clicking on Add Video button with red color on upper left side of upload part, and display the video you wanted into workspace given by Clickberry.

To add hyperlink, click and drag cursor to video field specifically. It will make you possible to add interactive object into the video, you can also click on hand symbol in shaded video part to make the object you select moved. A benchmark has been added automatically in below bar on hotspots and timeline sign. Timeline sign can be added to manage the interactive elements appearance duration in your video.

Facebook Like button can be added with the same way with subject video. You just have to click on FB like button to add the button in selected part of the video.


When all effects you wanted have been included into the video, click on Preview button on upper right toolbar. It will show the final product of your video with all those interactive objects.

To share the video, you can upload the video you have edited to Facebook by click on the Facebook button on the upper right part. You can also check in your Clickberry account by clicking on ‘Go to Clickberry’ button. The video would be uploaded via Clickberry account to Facebook. The video you shared has contained interactive elements which made someone possible to click it and directed to the site you wanted.

Use this application creatively! You can edit various video which are popular today such as Justin Bieber video, Moymoy Palaboy, and other to be uploaded via your YouTube account while add some interactive elements which brought the viewers to the website you wanted. This is quite effective internet marketing method.

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