Comparing Two File Texts Easily Using ExamDiff

Sometimes comparing two file with a little differences and seemed similar is so hard and confusing. To avoid confusion caused by watching monitor for hours just to find a difference of two files, so by using ExamDiff application, you can do it easy and practical.

But remember, only text file can be compared. But if you use the pro version, you can compare binary file, directory, and get various other complete features. To use it, first of all, download ExamDiff in this link:

After the software is downloaded, then you don’t have to do installation, because ExamDiff is a portable application. You just run the application and select the file to be compared. After that, click on OK. Then both files would be displayed side by side in ExamDIff display.

Comparing Two File Texts Easily Using ExamDiff

Then ExamDiff will automatically highlight added, removed, or changed text. You can also do setting for color used to highlight those different texts. This application also has command line interface which made it easier to do certain comparison.

However, there will be a little problem comparing it. To overcome it, you can do tweak. Then you can edit one of the text by click on it, and ExamDiff will recognize that the text has already changed. Then you will be asked to compare it again. So you will see the result soon.

The size of ExamDiff software is also small, which is only 575 KB so it won’t took your hard disk room. ExamDiff is able to run in Windows 95 to Windows 7 operating system. Now you can compare two text file easily and practically, don’t have to open both text files side by side.

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