Controlling Computer Using Smartphone

When you do presentation, it can be very monotone and boring if you just stand beside your laptop. Interaction with client or superior is an important thing to make your achievement alive and attractive. In fact, there are so many devices you can use to set or run your presentation from far, such as laser or electric mouse.

But if you’re an Android or iPhone user, you can use your cell phone to control your presentation from far. Don’t be amazed, because the technology development now makes you possible to do this.

Mobile Mouse is an application to configure cell phone with laptop or tablet which will be acted as wireless remote control and keyboard. There are two parts offered by this application, which is Mobile Mouse Server for PC or Mac and mobile application for iPhone/iPod touch, iPad or Android.

Controlling Computer Using Smartphone

First of all, download this Mobile Mouse Lite in, for free for your laptop. After it is installed, it would be automatically appeared in menu bar or taskbar notification region. Then, install Mobile Mouse application for your cell phone. For Android user, you can install Mobile Mouse Lite for free, but for iOS, this application is paid app. After that, run server in your laptop. There will be “server setting” window, then insert your IP Address, then select Apply and click on Done.

Controlling Computer Using Smartphone

Then in your cell phone, run its application, click on menu, select servers then conform your IP Address and port with IP Address in your laptop server setting then click on Done. If the small red dot on the left corner turn into green, then your cell phone and laptop have been connected.

Controlling Computer Using Smartphone

This Mobile Mouse Lite can also be used for your touchscreen cell phone, and the above side of screen can be your virtual mouse. And don’t forget, you have to stay connected with Wi-fi if you want to use this application. If you want to have additional feature like remote for media, web and presentation, add application switcher, file browser, etc.

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