Convert Several Software Installer Into One Package Installer with Cameyo!

Are you tired to install many software continuously again again and again? Why don’t you make it into one installer package? So you just have to install once and every software inside the package would automatically installed! But how? Just relax, since I will show you how to make many installer software into one installer package with Cameyo!

Convert Several Software Installer Into One Package Installer with Cameyo!

To explain to you what can be done by Cameyo, I have these two scenario:

Scenario 1:

When you installed browser for the first time after re-install, you need to install some other software, such as flash player, Java, etc. By make it into one package, you just have to install one installer and all the software would be installed at the same time.

Scenario 2:

After re-installing, you must do installation of some driver, started from sound card driver, VGA, motherboard, etc. Than installed them one by one everytime you did re-install, it would be far easier to make it into 1 installer and when you did re-installation, you just have to install one installer and all the drivers could be installed at once.

By Cameyo you can make some installer into one installer package! Popularly, feature owed by Cameyo called Application Virtualization Product. Combined some installer into one standalone executable file.

To download Cameyo, you can visit this site:


How to use Cameyo is so easy. Just follow the guidance to use Cameyo here:

1. After you download and install Cameyo, open the application.

2. Click on Capture Installation.

Click on Capture Installation

3. Wait for some moment for Cameyo to prepare its capture process.

Wait Cameyo to prepare its capture process

4. When Cameyo has ready, there will be Window like this:

Cameyo is ready to create installer package

5. When the window appear, you can do installation to some software which you want to be one software. Install all the software and click on Install Done when all software has installed. If one of the software told you to restart your PC, it won’t be problem for Cameyo!

Capture and Install several softwares

6. When all software you want to be one package has installed, click on “Install Done” button

Click on Install Done after all installations finished

7. A new installer will be appeared in cameyo folder (My documents\Cameyo package)

Cameyo Package Installer Successfully Created

One standalone installer is a package of many installers you’ve captured. So for the next usage, you don’t need to install them one by one. Just install one installer from Cameyo. It’s so easy, isn’t it? This Cameyo could be used fully for free. Enjoy Trying :)

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