“Crazy” Feature in Google Chrome 21 Will be Released Soon

SOT has just talked about rapid browser technology development yesterday, but today, there’s more “crazy” development done by Google Chrome. In Google Chrome version 21, Chrome will attach advanced feature from WebRTC.

This feature usage by web developer will make you do various things which now can be said as “weird” or rare.

For example, Magic Xylophone which is made from StinkDigital. Here you can play Xylyphone (a kind of music instrument) just by moving your hand in front of webcam. Watch the video here:


“Crazy” feature in Google Chrome 21 will be released soon

You can try to play Magic Xylophone here:


But, in order to play it, you need to install Google Chrome 21 (beta) first.


What a sophisticated feature, isn’t it?

Whereas, it’s only the simple example. Who knows this kind of technology will be able to make you control the computer only by arm movement just like what Tony Stark has done in Iron Man 2 movie. Hmmm… Who knows?… ^^

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