Creating and Editing Yourself Cursor Animation with AniTuner

Is cursor mouse shape you have too little and boring? If the standard mouse cursor offered by Windows makes you bored, tried AniTuner which SOT discussed this time. AniTuner is a software to create or edit cursor mouse animation as you want to. By using this software, you can prettify your Windows appearance with unique and difference cursor compared with others.

Creating and Editing Yourself Cursor Animation with AniTuner

If you have just used this software, you probably won’t find any trouble since AniTuner is so easy to be used and not too many steps to be done. First thing you have to do is downloading and do installation, this installation process will only need short time.

Creating and Editing Yourself Cursor Animation with AniTuner

After that, run AniTuner, then you will be able to do mouse cursor editing like changing the size, color, hot spot, and frame. AniTuner handle every cursor size and color depth started from 1bpp to 32 bpp. Then you’ll just have to convert it into cursor animation.

Creating and Editing Yourself Cursor Animation with AniTuner

There are so many file format supported, they are BMP, JPEG, GIF, PNG, PSD, CUR, ICO and still many more. You can see preview when editing process happened by using “Test Cursor” options.

You can also use cursor animation you’ve made or edit in your web, blog, email, document, or presentation page. Because AniTuner will change cursor animation into GIF, AVI clip, bitmap strip and even SWF format by selecting Export option.

AniTuner run in Windows XP, Vista, and 7 Operating System. In addition of downloading AniTuner installer version, there’s also portable option with zip or .exe, so it would be easier to use it everywhere without having to do installation.

Download AniTuner from link below:

So if you want to have unique and different cursor shape, try to use AniTuner. I guarantee that you won’t be bored with your mouse cursor shape anymore.

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