Creating Game as Easy as We Imagined with Kodu

Have you ever imagined to create game as easy as you played it? If you ever thought like that, SOT once also thought the same. But in fact, creating game is not as easy as playing it, dwelling with codings, graphic design from characters, characters’ method, and many more complicated things which is difficult to be understood by a beginner (including SOT here :D). But now, you can create a game without doing all of that, by using Kodu, you can create your own game without touching coding, creating character, and also method.

Creating Game as Easy as We Imagined with Kodu

This miraculous Software is a Microsoft-made software which is developed by Microsoft Reasearch Team and also Microsoft Research FuseLabs. Kodu is game creator for PC and Xbox with simple programming according to visual programming. So you don’t have to bother about coding, you’d just have to focus on existing objects.

Creating Game as Easy as We Imagined with Kodu

So, this Kodu can be used for all ages, whether adults or children are able to create game from Kodu, although they don’t have skill in programming and design. Download this software soon and create your own game.

Creating Game as Easy as We Imagined with Kodu

Kodu can also be an exact learning method for a child who less encourage in learning process. If you’re a teacher, so use this software to help your students to be creative, productive, and active in learning.


Download Kodu


Game you made by Kod will only count on XBOX 360 game controller, keyboard and mouse. So, for your characters’ action, you’re the one who make it move, shot, and do other action by using control from XBOX360 controller, mouse, and keyboard.

Creating Game as Easy as We Imagined with Kodu


You can see the complete tutorial here:


Creating Game as Easy as We Imagined with Kodu

If you’re already skillful with basic technique, so you can create an awesome game using this Kodu, just like creating your own map, your own character, and your own game system. If you have other opinion about easier creator game software which is easier to be used like this Kodu, leave some comments below.

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  1. Shilo897 says:

    damn don’t from xbox, be neat to have on PC, looks like fun, can pretend to be a game developer :)

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