Creating Mini-Library in your Laptop by MyCollections

Bored when you just watched a “folder” contained movie or image collection? Have you think to create a mini library in your laptop? It would be fun to choose movie you wanted to watch or game you will play without searching them in the folder anymore.

You don’t have to open folder, then search one by one anymore, which movie you will watch or which game you want to play. Because, by using MyCollections you’ll be able to create your own gallery for all your files.

Creating Mini-Library in your Laptop by MyCollections

MyCollections is a software which its functions are similar as gallery or library contained various files which would be grouped according to the type. You don’t have to bother yourself to search one by one movie in your folder which contained so many movie collection. There are some categories provided in this software, which are apps, books, games, movie, NDS, and TV Series. You may group your file into some categories.

It would be neater and attractive if you store all your files in this MyCollections, because the interface also attractive and has so many functions. By categories in this MyCollections, you can search file you wanted to open as their categories.
For example, if you search for movie to be watched in your hard drive, you won’t have to see all the files, so, the file you searched would be only video file. Having a software such as MyCollections, can make you easier to find what you’re looking for.

You’ll just have to download this software, so you can create your own file gallery, and your laptop would be looked neater.

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