Detecting and Finding Secret Files by Passware Encryption Analyzer Free

Commonly, something secret is always been covered, am I right? But the more we know that is a secret, we commonly got more interested to find it out. It also happened to secret file, there’s always a method used to cover it. The most common method used is password and encryption. If you’re in public computer, internet café for example… you can try to detect which files are concealed there… and… you might be surprised of its result!

To do it, you can use Passware Encryption Analyzer Free. This is a software you can use to view file and folder which its owner tried to hide. This software is able to find encrypted files and folders which given password, which commonly a secret files.

Detecting and Finding Secret Files by Passware Encryption Analyzer Free


You can download Passware Encryption Analyzer Free here:

This Program can be said as scan tool too. It’s quite easier to run this program. You’d just have to select the scan type. Then found drive or folder you want to be checked, then click on search to watch what are files inside its folder.

There are more than 200 file types you can see and there are so many analysis to be done. This program has really high details. By such detail, it will give you more result than you’re expected. Even this software is also able to find PDF file which given a restriction such as read only, no copy, no print, etc.

Unfortunately, this Passware Encryption Analyzer Free can only do searching and find protected file or folder, but cannot through it. To pass it through, you can use various password recovery software such as Passware Kit Enterprise, which is… not free.

But it’s exciting, isn’t it? Finding out secret file/folder stored in computer?

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