Develop Your Photo Quality by Photivo

Most of photo editing software focused on simplicity and practical usage, for example, Paint.NET which has been discussed by SOT before. However, if you want to get more qualified photo result by putting simplicity aside, there’s nothing wrong by trying Photivo software.

Photivo is an image editing software packaged by advanced algorithm to develop image quality. For you who rare using image editing software, you’d probably get trouble since it’s a fact this software is aimed to professionals.

Develop Your Photo Quality by Photivo

Tools provided are various and have plethora functions. To sharpen the image, you can use Gradient Sharpen, Wiener, Inverse Diffusion, Unsharp Mask, and many more. And if you clicked on “RGB” button, there would be more than 16 ways you’ll get to tweak the image brightness, color, contrast, etc.

Develop Your Photo Quality by Photivo

The advantage of Photivo is tools like geometry correction, denoising, demosaicing, vignetting which functioned to improve the image quality. By using denoising, you can reduce noise impulse, wavelet denoising, luminance denoising, pyramid denoising, and many more. File format supported such as RAW and Bitmap file such as TIFF, JPEG, BMP, PNG, etc.

Photivo has elegant interface with black color theme and neat tools, made it attractive and nice to be seen. So, you won’t be bored when doing image editing.

You can get photivo for free here:

Photivo is a freeware which can be used anytime anywhere for free and legal. Enjoy photo editing!

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