Diagnosing Hardware and Software in your computer using Fresh Diagnose

Have you ever had situation where you wanted to re-install your PC, or helping your friend to repair software installation he/she has, then you get trouble to find out physical spec of that PC? I bet more of you better in tampering software than bothering yourself with hardware! Even probably some of you haven’t open your PC case to see motherboard, VGA, RAM, processor and other elements inside the PC. If it happened, then you will get trouble when fixing PC installation you handled, because commonly, you’ll need certain driver suitable with your PC or laptop hardware. Here Fresh Diagnose would be able to help you!

Fresh Diagnose is a simple application, but it’s quite complete, and able to give information which made you possible to view Windows edition installed into your PC or laptop, System rating, processor, RAM, system type, computer name, domain, workgroup setting, and others. Although you can see all the basic information, there are not much detail included in its main interface, and you need to open properties in each component to see further information.

Besides information about hardware and software component installed, this application also makes you possible to watch system setting such as PC Address, IP Address, TCP/IP Configuration setting, Audio/ Video Codecs, Direct X properties and others. Moreover, this application is also able to watch different Windows components, included Windows History, Search History, Run History, Internet Cache, Browser History, Recent Files and others, they are all can be seen from its main interface.

If you’re interesting, you can download FreshDiagnose from this link:


After installation procedure, you’ll find a simple but complete interface displaying your PC or laptop condition.

Diagnosing Hardware and Software in your computer using Fresh Diagnose

Main window consisted of toolbar contained Refresh, Up, Save, Print, Windows, Hardware, Devices, Network Multimedia and others, upper buttons on the left contained category list provided to be viewed (same with above), while information related with each component selected is served in the main part of interface.

Diagnosing Hardware and Software in your computer using Fresh Diagnose

You can view various components using menu provided on the left. Because property divided on different categories, it would be so easy to search what you wanted. For example, you want to know about TCP/IP configuration setting, then you’ll just have to click on Network and internet tab on the left side.

Diagnosing Hardware and Software in your computer using Fresh Diagnose

This application even makes you possible to watch the usage history. Activity to open application, browsing, and others by clicking on Trace part.

I’m sure this application would be useful for you. Moreover if you use second-hand computer which didn’t include driver so it confused you when you want to re-install it. This application will help you to find the driver wanted.

Travis Brice is a computer technician and also father of two cute children. After 6 years of hard work at telecommunication company, he decides to quit his job and build his own business. Now he also writes for Spyontech on his spare time. He loves to write about operating system, especially Microsoft Windows.

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