Disk SpeedUp : Software to defrag your Hard Disk fast!

Do you confuse to find software to defrag your hard disk fast? Disk Speedup, Defragment tool made by Glarysoft could be one software you worth to try. With defrag speed far above original defrag tool from Windows, it would make Glarysoft Disk SpeedUp to be one of your alternative defrag software.

Disk SpeedUp : Software to defrag your Hard Disk fast!

This Glarysoft Disk SpeedUp is able to analyze hard disk and do disk defrag to make your hard disk always on optimum condition. Hard disk usage everyday will always caused fragments in your hard disk. It caused by some activities, such as installing and uninstalling software, storing and erasing data, etc. if this fragment accumulated continuously more and more, it would make your access time to your hard disk longer. It certainly decrease your hard disk performance and caused your computer slower. By using Glarysoft Disk SpeedUp, you can do scanning in your hard disk and do defragmenting faster. It will make all file arranged neatly on your hard disk cluster, caused data access to your hard disk faster so overall it will increase your computer performance.

Some features and benefit you can get from this Glarysoft Disk SpeedUp software are:

1. It’s able to analyze hard disk accurately
2. It’s able to defrag hard disk faster, far faster than original defrag tool from windows
3. it has feature to analyze and defrag file, folder or disk you chose.
4. It has automatic defrag feature when your PC is on idle condition.
5. It is equipped with auto shutdown feature when defrag process is done so you can leave defrag process without any worry.
6. It has scheduling feature for defrag process as you wish.
7. It has feature to make exception to a file, folder, or disk you don’t want to defrag.

This Glarysoft Disk SpeedUp has faster defrag speed than original defrag tool from windows, but it still has simiar security level, so Glarysoft Disk SpeedUp will be safe to be used to defrag your hard disk.

For you who has interest to use Glarysoft Disk SpeedUp, you can get it for free here:



This Glarysoft Disk SpeedUp supports almost all system file such as FAT, FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, and NTFS + EFS.

To use Glarysoft Disk SpeedUp in defragging your hard disk, it’s not quite difficult. After you download and install Glarysoft Disk SpeedUp, open Glarysoft Disk SpeedUp application. Then click on drop down button to select Analyze Selected.

Analize your hard disk with Disk Speedup

After analyzed, there would be seen which fragmented part in your hard disk. You just have to select “Defrag” option or it can be from “defrag selected” option from previous dropdown menu.

Defrag your hard disk with Disk Speedup

Defrag option will defrag all part of your hard disk while defrag selected option will only defrag file, folder or disk you’ve selected. Now, what you need to do is only waiting for the defrag process finished.

Wait until defrag process done

It’s very easy and fast to defrag your hard disk using Glarysoft Disk SpeedUp. Interested to try?

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