Do You Exchange Your DBMS-Manager Often? Just Use DBeaver!

In brief, recently SOT is busy by work related with Database aimed for desktop needs. Surely to support all of them, SOT needs a Database Management System or more familiar shorten by DBMS to handle and manage all things needed in all database components.

As the development of technology recently, DBMS usage are various. Suits with needs and orientation, for what the database are needed. For example, cashier program in a mini-market and small supermarket, commonly using SQL Server from Microsoft but for web-based needs, especially using MySQL which is commonly has become one package in a cPanel Hosting.

Do you exchange your DBMS-Manager often? Just use DBeaver!

And for the review this time, SOT will give a solution to you which in this field often involved with Database, which means that you often use some different DBMS in the same time.

For you who often experience such case, surely it would be inefficient and troubled you, since according to personal experience, creating a database design wouldn’t be easy.

For such case, SOT suggest you to try DBeaver, which is a useful software which you can count on. DBeaver is made and designed for you who work with Database everyday, so you don’t have to be confuse when using different DMBS manager, because commonly, DBeaver has supported and could be used in DBMS like MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, IBM DB2, Microsoft SQL Server, Sybase and many more..

Do you exchange your DBMS-Manager often? Just use DBeaver!


For you who are curious, feel free to download or learn about features from DBeaver via this link.


Why DBeaver? In addition of light and free, DBeaver which has 29MB size also already available for all platform Operating System like Windows, Linux, Mac and Solaris.

Do you exchange your DBMS-Manager often? Just use DBeaver!


So, for you who often confuse since you have to exchange DBMS-Manager often? SOT suggests you to try this DBeaver. As additional information, in addition of supporting so many DBMS, DBeaver can also be used to create ERD design (Entity Relationship Diagram) just like the figure above.

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