Download Mozilla Firefox 6 – Prerelease Installer

While the latest official version of Mozilla Firefox browser still in version 5.01, Softpedia has spread the download link of Mozilla Firefox 6 Final. This installer was taken from the FTP folder at Mozilla official website. Softpedia said that Mozilla was planning to launch Firefox 6 Final on August 16th.

Download Mozilla Firefox 6

People who interested to download Mozilla Firefox 6 “Final” can download from these links below:

Mozilla Firefox 6 “Final” for Windows (Prerelease installer)
Mozilla Firefox 6 “Final” for Mac OS (Prerelease installer)

What’s new in Mozilla Firefox 6 features?

1. The address bar of Mozilla Firefox 6 will highlight the domain of the website you’re visiting.
2. The site identity block has a new streamlined design.
3. Mozilla Firefox 6 supports the latest draft version of Websockets with a prefixed API.
4. Mozilla Firefox 6 supports EventSource or server-sent events.
5. Mozilla Firefox 6 supports window.matchMedia.
6. Mozilla Firefox 6 has an interactive JavaScript prototyping environment.
7. Mozilla Firefox 6 has several new web developer menu items and moved development-related items into it.
8. The usability and discoverability of Mozilla Firefox 6 has improved.
9. Browser startup time when using panorama was reduced.

Please note that Mozilla Firefox 6 installers above are not officially released yet. When I checked Mozilla Firefox official website, they said that they aren’t finished qualifying Firefox 6 yet.

Mozilla Firefox 6 Final is not officially released yet

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