Download the latest Google Chrome: Version 19 Stable has been released! (Offline Installer)

The latest Google Chrome has been released! For you who use Google Chrome as your mainstay browser, now you can update again your Google Chrome to version 19 Stable! What are new things in this latest version of Google Chrome?
This Google Chrome version 19 stable now has sync (synchronization) among devices feature. Say when you work in office computer, you found a recipe to make a delicious cake. But when you’re home, you forgot whether 2 spoonful of baking soda tea or two tea spoon of baking powder needed?? The worse… you also forgot the address of the cake recipe site! Hmmm… it would be easier if you’re in home, you re-access the site you opened and assure that baking soda and baking powder which actually needed.

Download the latest Google Chrome: Version 19 Stable has been released!

Here the synchronization feature needed. By that sync feature, you just have to login to Google Chrome browser with Google account you have. When browsing, all opened tab, bookmark, app, extension, themes and other Google Chrome settings will be synchronized for all devices you had.

Download the latest Google Chrome: Version 19 Stable has been released!

When you login to Google Chrome in your home computer, the “situation” would not be different with your office computer. It also happened when you use Google Chrome for Android and other devices.

Website Tab opened in office computer would be opened too in home computer, Android or other devices. Now you can see whether two teaspoon of baking powder or 2 teaspoon of baking soda needed in the cake recipe. ^^

For you who use Google Chrome often, it would be good for you to update to the latest Google Chrome version 19 stable here:

Download Google Chrome (Online)

Download Google Chrome Offline Installer

This page will be updated with the latest Google Chrome link. Feel free to bookmark it so you can find it easily next time. I hope it would be useful for you :)

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