Download The Latest Google Chrome: Version 21 Stable has been Released! (Offline Installer)

The latest Google Chrome has been released! For you who used Google Chrome as your flagship browser, now you can update Google Chrome to version 21 stable! What are new things in this latest version of Google Chrome?

Google Chrome version 21 stable includes getUserMedia API wchih makes possible for web apps to access camera and microphone without plug-in. This getUserMedia API is one of early step in real-time communication with video and high quality audio via web.

One of its implementation is “crazy” feature SOT once discussed before, which is Xylophone. In this Xylophone application, you can play Xylophone in web by only waving your hand in front of webcam.

Download The Latest Google Chrome: Version 21 Stable has been Released! (Offline Installer)

But now, there’s a crazier thing, which is Sketchbots! If you’re already install Google Chrome 21 and open Sketchbots experiment page, Sketchbots will directly take your face photo via webcam, convert it into drawing line, and send it to robot in Science Museum in London. The Robot then will draw it in a box of sand you can watch live, and can be viewed by all museum visitors too. This is not just crazy, but also awesome!

SOT is sure, not for long, there are more sophisticated web apps using this getUserMedia API feature.

In addition of getUserMedia API, Chrome 21 is also equipped with Google Cloud Print, wider gamepad supports, and also support high-resolution Mac Retina screen.

For you who often used Google Chrome, it would be better to update to this latest Google Chrome 21 version stable:

Download Google Chrome (Online)

Download Google Chrome Offline Installer

This page will be updated continuously with the latest Google Chrome download link. Feel free to bookmark it so you can find it easily at other time. I hope it would be useful :)


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