Download the Latest Mozilla Thunderbird: Thunderbird 12.0.1

It was just few months ago Mozilla released Thunderbird 11, yesterday, they once again released the latest version of Thunderbird, which was Thunderbird 12.0.1. There are some new things planted in Thunderbird 12.0.1 email client. To be up to date, please download the latest Mozilla Thunderbird Terbaru from link provided in this article.

Download the Latest Mozilla Thunderbird: Thunderbird 12.0.1

Some changes in Thunderbird 12.0.1 are:

1. Global Search Result now includes search result from message content (new feature).

2. Repairing in RSS feed subscription and general feed management.

3. Some security maintenance, one of them is, blocking some security crack which made attacker possible to run dangerous malware in your computer.

Download the Latest Mozilla Thunderbird: Thunderbird 12.0.1

By such new maintenance and features, it would be good for you to update your Mozilla Thunderbird to this newest version.

Download the latest Mozilla Thunderbird here

Mozilla Thunderbird Main Page

This article will be updated when there’s newest version of Mozilla Thunderbird. Feel free to bookmark it if you don’t want to miss the information :)

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