Download the Latest Opera: Opera 12 has Released!

Opera has just released their latest Opera browser, which is Opera 12. Various new feature and advancement has been added in this version 12. one of the hot feature is Do Not Track feature which will protect your privacy from tracking in various website. If you are Opera browser user, I suggest you to download the latest Opera right now!


The latest Opera download link:

The latest Opera: Opera 12 features:

Out-of-Process Plug-ins : this Opera Plugin now is run separately, so it would be easier to do setting if there’s an error plugin

Supports Windows and Mac 64-bit

Lighter themes and easy to modify

Smart URL shortening and drop down suggestion in Address Field.

Supports Right-to-Left language, such as Persia, Urdu, Hebrew, and Arab.

Open many tabs become faster with Window & Tabs API.

Supports drag n drop HTML5 and CSS3 animation

Do Not Track : protect your privacy from tracking which used to be done from various website

Bug and security browser advancement

As I explained before, Do Not Track feature is one of my favorite feature in this latest Opera. The function is to prevent websites we visited tracking us. It surely would keep our privacy.

In default, Do Not Track feature is not active. To re-activate it, set it in:

Menu Opera -> Settings -> Preferences -> Advanced -> Security -> Ask websites not to track me


Cool, isn’t it? Let’s download the latest Opera right now! :D

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