Downloading Torrent File with Tixati BitTorrent Client

For you who love to download file from internet, you must be familiar with Torrent file. There are so many free file, started from video, film, software, ebook, music and other files you can download using BitTorrent protocol. But, in order to download file from BitTorrent protocol (Torrent File) you need contact software, that is Torrent Client software. There are so many Torrent Client software you can get for free. One of the most popular is uTorrent. But there is still another one BitTorrent client software which owed various reliable feature and you can use for free. The software is Tixati.

Downloading Torrent File with Tixati BitTorrent Client

Tixati is actually a file sharing peer-to-peer software which used BitTorrent protocol. By using file sharing peer-to-peer technology, you can download file faster with low possibility to fail.

The advantage downloading torrent file using Tixati BitTorrent Client are:

1. it has clear information from all download aspect such as peers, pieces, files and trackers.
2. It already support magnet link, so you don’t have to download file .torrent if the magnet link existed.
3. It’s equipped with super efficient algorithm to make sure you download from the fastest server peer.
4. Peer connection is protected with encryption to increase security.
5. It is equipped with full DHT (Distributed Hash Table) to give detail traffic in graphic form.
6. it has flexible bandwidth throttling management so you can manage speed priority for each file you downloaded
7. It has local management file feature to remove file you download to other partition in your hard drive when the download process happened
8. 100% supported BitTorrent protocol.
9. It is provided in some version you can choose, including windows, linux and portable version.

How to download file using Tixati?

1. The first thing you should do is downloading and installing Tixati. Tixati itself consisted for some version you can choose and download for free. This version included:

a. Tixati Windows Version (Support windows XP, Vista and 7)


Download Tixati BitTorrent Client

b. Tixati Linux version

c. Tixati Portable version (it is used for USB flash drive or other portable storage media – support either Windows or Linux)

2. After downloading and installing Tixati, the next thing is search for torrent file from file you wanted. It’s so easy, just googling with keyword: “file name you search for” torrent.

Search Torrent Files on Google

Then you’ll find there are so many torrent sites provided the torrent file. Just choose one and download the torrent file.

Choose Torrent File

Download Torrent File

When there’s popup to open the file, you can directly choose open with tixati if the option existed, but if the option is none, just save the file in folder you wanted.

Save Torrent File

3. Open Tixati and click on Add then select file torrent you’ve previously save.

Open Tixati software and click on add

Choose torrent file you want to download

4. Download process will begin. The thing you should remember is often the early speed so low and even didn’t start for few times. In this phase, you got to be patience since it happened since Tixati mencari server peer-to-peer to download the file. Download speed will be increase and improve drastically after tixati found the right server to download the file you wanted.

Start Download From Torrent File

It’s so easy, isn’t it? Downloading file by using BitTorrent protocol can be done for free and we have to use Tixati BitTorrent Client free software!

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