Drawing by Mouse? Who scared?!!! I got Freehand Painter here!

If you have drawing hobby and ever tried application to draw in non-tablet computer, there’s one thing troubled you, which is mess and irregular line. But all of that has been overcome by Freehand Painter. This is a vector drawing program designed to be used in Tablet, but can be used in desktop PC and laptop.

Freehand Painter has quite simple interface with huge button which make you easier to use it in laptop or desktop, and significantly reduced messed curve.

Drawing by Mouse? Who scared?!!! I got Freehand Painter here!

When you finished drawing, you can store your picture whether in vector (ISF file) or image file (BMP, JPG, PNG, and others). Freehand Painter is quite simple when we used it to draw, for everyone who have drawing hobby. If you’re interesting, you can get Freehand Painter for desktop free here:


This application is quite small, only 3.2 MB size, so it won’t load your PC or laptop.

Image above is workspace from Freehand Painter application. As you see, there are various easy and simple buttons to be accessed. Menu can be opened by clicking button on the upper left side. To draw, you can use paint brush on the left screen size, which its measurement can be considered by yourself to manage your picture.

You can also manage colors using colors palette on the lower part of interface and also buttons on the left, you can change paintbrush size and its thickness.

After do some experiment, it’s quite tiring, but I’m sure if you do this patiently, you can create a masterpiece by this application. The key is concentration in mouse movement in your hand, and if you want to bother yourself erasing every messy part, then you’ll be able to create better picture than I made for experiment. Hehe…

This application is quite fun as hobby. Besides, its features also enough to create a simple image. I’m sure its tablet version would be more interesting to be used later.

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