Easy to Make Flash Animation by Using Vectorian Giotto!

Flash animation is an attractive vector animation and you can use it in many things, such as commercial banner, company profile animation, animation to make your website prettier, etc. to make the flash animation, there needed Adobe Flash software. Unfortunately, the latest Adobe Flash longer the time would be harder to use. It because longer the Adobe Flash would turn its focus to coding complexity. Moreover, after the presentation of Action Script 3 by Adobe. It made the designer or beginner who didn’t master coding well got difficulties, in fact they wanted to make flash animation easier.

As we knew, after the launched of the latest Adobe Flash supported Action Script 3, making flash animation would be more complicated for designer and beginner. The example is making simple action like button click. Now it needs more coding than when you used previous version of Adobe Flash.

For you who wanted to make Flash animation, but didn’t want to be dizzy by coding and action script, you can make flash animation using Giotto!

Easy to Make Flash Animation by Using Vectorian Giotto!

Giotto is a software make you easier in making flash animation without mastering coding or action script. In this case, all flash animation produced by Giotto also based on coding, but by Giotto, you don’t have to know about coding behind the animation. Giotto made special for designer or beginner who wanted to make Flash animation easily.

Just as Adobe Flash, Giotto can be used to make vector illustration, started from the simple one such as polygon, star, rounded rectangle to complex transformation such as blur, glow, blend modes, etc.

Giotto also has object management through library. You can use it to make movie clips, buttons, etc. Giotto also provided with animation tools such as motion tweens and shape tweens.

Other interesting feature provided by giotto is: there are more than 50 animation effects you can use instantly and it can be edited easily through editor effect. By using this effect, you can create attractive flash animation without understanding the complex of action script. The animation result can be seen directly.

Easy to Make Flash Animation by Using Vectorian Giotto!

Giotto is provided with Color Pallete with algorithm based on human perception of color. It made you treated by various harmonic color combination and ready to use after you select certain base color.

In its appearance, Giotto has very similar user interface with Adobe Flash, so for you who once used Adobe Flash, you wont be confuse using Giotto.

For you who wanted to make flash animation banner, flash movie, or other flash animation, you can download Giotto here:



For you who still don’t understand how to use this Giotto software to make flash animation, you can learn its base tutorial in original site located here:


And here:


Giotto has also integrated with dozens of attractive banner template you can use instantly. Some example of the banner templates can be seen here:


By using Giotto, for you who were beginner or designer who didn’t master coding, now you can make flash animation fast and easy. Have a good try :)

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