Easy to Manage File in Windows 7 by MyCo File Manager

Having so many file in computer with Windows 7 often made us difficult to manage and process them. Some of them caused by limited function of Windows Explorer when using to manage file. That’s why there needed a file processing software which can easy and faster you when you want to do copy, move, rename file and other operations. One of the file management software you can use for free is My Commander or commonly called MyCo.

Easy to Manage File in Windows 7 by MyCo File Manager

What is MyCo?

MyCo is abbreviation of My Commander, a free file management software which the official site can be accessed here (http://myco.yonan.ro/index.php). MyCo is a file management software which is light, small and fast made according to microPlatform.

Easy to Manage File in Windows 7 by MyCo File Manager

What is the benefit of MyCo?

As we’ve already known, Windows Explorer has many limitation made us difficult and long to process a file. The example is when we want to move many files spread in some folder location, so we need at least 2 windows explorer to make the process run faster, than you did copy, paste or move file from one folder to other continuously in the same windows explorer.

From the problem and limitation, finally MyCo was made to make you easier in doing various operation to process file, such as copy file, move file, rename file, create folder, copy folder, move folder, rename folder, making and extracting ISO file, making and extracting ZIP file also making jonctions, softlinks, hardlinks, mountpoints.

2 sidebar explorer in 1 window provides by MyCo certainly will make your work faster and easier when managing file, especially if you have so many file.

Easy to Manage File in Windows 7 by MyCo File Manager

What are features from MyCo?

In doing its function as file management software, My Commander is equipped with various features to make you easier in processing file. These features are:

1. Include with easy navigation
2. It’s a portable software that need not any installation.
3. It using windows 7 new API
4. Easy to access home folders, download and documents
5. Built in with copy, move, delete, rename file and folder commands.
6. Advance overwrite dialog
7. It has shredder to delete file securely.
8. It can create, delete and rename junctions, hardlinks, symlinks, mountpoints.
9. Built in with image viewer and hex viewer.
10. Support drag and drop operation.
11. It has a feature to create and extract archive file such as ISO and Zip file.
12. Built in with file search feature.
13. Built in with multi rename tool
14. It has 2 panel which you can set as horisontal or vertical.
15. It has History list for every operation.
16. It has file properties and context menu.
17. It can change file attribute
18. Built in with DOS command line.
19. It supports most of all keyboard shortcut and keyboard navigation.
20. It’s Light, no need to install DLLS (OCX, VBX, VB, MFC, Flash, IE, dll) dan doesn’t need any libraries (VB, Java dll)
21. You can use it both on Windows 7 32 bit and 64 bit.
22. It only need very low memory resource.

Where I can download MyCo?

For you who have interest to use MyCo or My Commander file management, you can download it for free here:

MyCo for Windows 7 32 bit



MyCo for Windows 7 64 bit


My Review about MyCo

MyCo or My Commander is really small and light software when used. With installer sized only 295.5 Kb for Windows 7 64 bit and 172 Kb for Windows 7 32 bit, doesn’t make MyCo less feature

Beside, MyCo included into fast software when used, even when it used in netbook with small memory size.

Some facts I considered as MyCo weakness is not all its function and feature implemented well, since MyCo is still on development phase. But for operation function, everything is run well without any problems.

One more thing MyCo doesn’t have is MyCo can only be used on Windows 7. but for you who is not Windows 7 user, you don’t have to worry since there is alternative software of MyCo you can use, that is Q-Dir File management software. My Rating for MyCo is 8 from 10! I hope this review would be useful.

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