Erasing Folder with Many Files Faster Using Fast Folder Eraser

Have you ever experienced your Windows computer got slower when you use it to erase folder with many files inside it? It often happened in Computer which used Windows Operating System. When a folder contained thousands file was erased, Windows needs more time and resource to erase them. Even in extreme file contain, you could not use your PC when the process go on.

Erasing Many Files in One Folder Faster with Fast Folder Eraser

But you don’t have to worry since now I’ll show you the solution! Fast Folder eraser, a free software could be a good solution for you who want to erase folder contained many files.

Fast Folder Eraser is a software you can use to erase folder with many files fast and without taking much computer resource. Even you can arrange memory resource size to be used by Fast Folder Eraser when erased the folder. So you can still play game or use computer as usual when you erase folder with many files amount.


Fast Folder Eraser has features such as:

1. After it is installed, it would integrate in windows explorer menu
2. It has command line version feature
3. Support drag and drop feature to erase folder you wanted faster.
4. Erased folder with huge file amount fast and easy.
5. Reduced memory resource size used by Windows computer when erased folder with huge amount files

For you who want to install Fast Folder Eraser, you can download it in this site:


Scroll your browser down and you’ll find 2 download link, which the one is its installer version and the other is portable version (without install). You can download any version you wanted by click on “DOWNLOAD” link.

Download Fast Folder Eraser


My Review about Fast Folder Eraser:

1. Erased folder with many files faster and it didn’t need many computer resource
2. Free!

1. In this free version, there are two features lost, they are Secure File Deletion and Delete Only Spesific File Extensions. Its Pro version sold $9.99.

2. When erasing used Fast Folder Eraser, your file would be deleted without passing the Recycle Bin first.

Final Verdict:
Not Bad! For you who want to erase folder with many files inside, you can use this Fast Folder Eraser. My rating for Fast Folder Eraser is 7 from 10.

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